Cedar City | Volunteers | 2017

Cedar City Volunteer Opportunities

As a thank-you, all of our volunteers receive a 45% discount off of their family’s attendance fee! Once you have completed signing up as a Volunteer, you will be provided with a discount code.

For information on volunteer opportunities, review the "Descriptions" column on this page. Many volunteer positions are simply manning a station for a two hour time slot during one day of camp. The volunteer coordinator with contact you to discuss preferences and positions to be fill as needed. If you have any questions, please contact your Camp Director.

Task/ItemAvailable Spots
Adult Volunteer19 Filled, 6 remaining:  
Youth Volunteer5 Filled, 5 remaining:  

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(PRE-CAMP) Sewing / Costumes

We need colonial era type costumes, especially for Founding Fathers. We also need to make simple banners/flags. One for each age group rotation.

(PRE-CAMP) Advertising / Donations

Help distributing flyers and/or going to businesses to have supplies donated.

(PRE-CAMP) Decoration

Random needs include flags, Colonial era items or clothes, making a large map of the Colonies on a bed sheet, etc. Also, we need to build/create something that looks like a ship to recreate the Boston Tea Party experience.

Snacks / Treats

if you like to cook, or if it’s easier to buy snacks to contribute, this could be an option for you.

Learning Station Teacher

Attend camp one or more days and teach a prepared lesson.

Craft Station

One or two adults needed to run the craft station one or more days during camp. Short pre-camp training needed. Crafts and instructions are already prepared.


To participate for one day as a Colonial era character. Founding Father characters will have a 5 minute script.


Attend camp on Monday from 9:00am – 10:00am to help register campers.


Attend camp daily from 9:00am – 10:00am to ensure campers check In and Out.


Attend Patriot Camp as a First Aid resource.


Attend camp each day and lead a group as it rotates through stations. (ages 13-18)


Provide Flag ceremony each day for 5-10 mins, 9:30am to 10am.


We want to capture the week through photographs and short videos. One person (or a few people) can take turns during the week.


Only use this if your Camp Director has asked you to do so.