Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patriot Camp?

Patriot Camp is a way to teach kids about the founding of our country in a day camp setting. Kids will have fun while they learn and develop an interest in our history, as well as an understanding of what makes The United States of America unique.

How long is camp?

The program is 2.5 hours for 5 days.

Why should your children attend Patriot Camp?

Many kids, especially elementary-aged children, are learning very little about our country’s history in school. Parents may not have learned much of our history either (or may be in need of a review.) Patriot Camp involves everyone–kids, parents, and the community–coming together for the common goal of educating ourselves and our children about our great nation.

What is the cost?

Child registration: $45.00 (However, there is a 45% discount for volunteers.)

This includes:

  • Patriot Camp T-Shirt
  • Craft supplies
  • Daily snacks
Who will be running the Camp?

The camp is run by volunteers with a strong desire to instill a sense of patriotism and respect for the founding of our country. The majority of the volunteers have children or grandchildren attending the camp. Each camp has a Director, whose contact information you can find on the relevant camp page.

For what age group is the camp designed?

The curriculum is for all ages, although the activities and crafts are geared toward elementary-aged students. We are accepting 1st-6th grade level children. Middle and high school students make terrific helpers, so please encourage them to volunteer.

Does my child need to do research or read other materials before the camp?

The curriculum is fairly comprehensive. However, it never hurts to give your child a running start! You will find that many books, while extremely interesting and full of good information, are also very thick and can be overwhelming. An easy way to get started is to visit your local library and borrow picture books or juvenile books on your subject of interest.